Thursday, April 30, 2015

Anime Matsuri Day 0: Rehearsals and first Kawaii Ambassadors meet-up!

Becky, Aaron and I first thought we had to be at Anime Matsuri convention center pretty early in the morning, but finally we were glad to know that we were only expected around 12:00 for the fashion show's rehearsal. This means: we could actually get a decent amount of sleep! I think we wake up around 8:00 or 9:00, just enough time to get dressed, finish packing and have a ride to Hobby Lobby~ As you can see, my outfit was inspired by... my love for lavender and it's called "50 shades of Lavender by Angelic Pretty".

A quick outfit shot and selfie with Becky  

But what is actually Hobby Lobby? Don't laugh you American reader! We actually don't have any Hobby Lobby in Europe... And this is making me really sad. Hobby Lobby is some kind of giant crafting and decoration store with literally you could ask for. On a scale from 0 to 10, my lolita crafting would be 25 times easier with that kind of store in Paris. Becky had to buy some Easter themed deco to finish her scepters and I really needed some more glue and stars to fix my constellations bonnet that.... didn't entirely make it through the flight inside my luggages. I also found out that Hobby Lobby was a really Christian store, well... Seeing all those kind of crosses and religious-themed deco it's not really that hard to guess. Here are some of my favorites from Hobby Lobby — I'm still quite sad with myself not buying these Jesus fans, I'm sure my friends would have cherish this gift forever.

Right after our Hobby Lobby expedition, we went straight to the Hilton, hoping we could get our room a little earlier than we were supposed to. Hobby Lobby's Jesus spirit surely were with us because we have been able to check-in as soon as we arrived. I was really so excited to be able to sleep at the Hilton, I don't think I could have afford it all alone so I was really glad to share the room with Becky, Aaron and Jessamyn~ I was actually expecting a smaller room but it was perfect: enough room to make a mess out of our 4 luggages all over the place in less than 24 hours.

Becky had to go to the rehearsing room right after we checked-in but I had first to meet the other Kawaii Ambassadors for the first time! Isn't it exciting? You might know them already, but let me introduce them anyway: Cadney and Nadine from Canada, Daniela from Mexico and Ruby from Hong Kong. Kitsune, the Taiwanese Kawaii Ambassador was also invited to Anime Matsuri but couldn't make it until later today. I was really glad to get to meet them and know them better, they are all, each in their own way, amazing and hard-working girls!

Nadine was very whimsical and elegant in her pink (under)dress
Cadney being as cute as usual in Angelic Pretty
Daniela was super elegant in Lief
Ruby wore beautifully this new Angelic Pretty dress

I am wearing: hair accessories, dress, socks and shoes: Angelic Pretty — Earrings: Bubbles

After sharing a cup of coffee we all went to the first rehearsal~ This first one was a choreography and walk rehearsal and the second one (later on the day) was more a allover and dress rehearsal. There were actually a lot of girls in the rehearsing rooms! Nearly all models for Angelic Pretty and Metamorphose were here, as long as with some models from Putumayo and Atelier Boz. Actually since most of Putumayo and Atelier Boz's models were local people, their part was more of a choreography than a walk? Which was pretty cool! Angelic Pretty and Metamorphose's parts were definitely more usual fashion shows. The fashion show team did a great job handling everyone and learn them the walks, it was actually faster than I thought it would be. The atmosphere was also super nice and friendly!

Xiaoyu and I just chillin' around Angelic Pretty fashion show's boxes
Brookelle was being an absolute babe in her Marine Kingdom dress 
Look how cute and perfect Kammie was! I love her ability to make cute yet surprising outfits~

I was glad to get to meet new people each! Xiaoyu and Renée were both so nice to me during the whole week-end~ I had seen a lot of their coordinations on Tumblr and sometimes on Closet of Frills but I actually never talked to them before Anime Matsuri, so I was really happy to find out they were both as amazing as their coordinations are! I also saw again the one and only Kammie~ I've met her for the first time few months ago in Paris (and I still didn't blog about it... shame on me), I was dying to get to see her again!! Like, except over excited, how am I supposed to feel when I get to meet two times in a year the girl that really got me into lolita fashion?? 

I think we finished the first rehearsal around 3:00PM? Lunch time! I went to grab some fast food with Kammie and we came back to the Hilton's lobby to eat with Cadney, Daniela, Renée and Ruby. It was actually the perfect location to take some pictures and selfie together (look at that nice light) before going back to the rehearsing room.

Renée and I share a deep love for Angelic Pretty. I think she is as obsessed with mint as I am with Lavender!

I have to be honest the second rehearsal was a bit more boring since it was pretty much an overall rehearsing, but it was more focused on Putumayo and Atelier Boz's parts since the Japanese models also had to learn their choreography. Angelic Pretty and Metamorphose models' weren't needed that much but it was still cool to hang around each other and watch the other brands' rehearsals. I honestly wish the head organizer of the fashion show or someone from the staff would have explained to us all the concept and the story behind the fashion show. It might seem like a little detail but actually I think it would have helped us in getting the feeling of the fashion show and knowing how to act during our time on stage? I might have understood that Angelic Pretty's models were supposed to be some kind of fairies with magic powers, but I wasn't really sure (and I'm still not sure, haha).

Kammie, Ariyana, Ruby and Kistune 
Keeping ourselves busy with selfies during stage rehearsal~

As the evening was coming we learnt that we might not have time to do the dress rehearsal for Angelic Pretty, and let me tell you we were dying to know which dress we had to wear, haha. Actually, all dresses were on racks but we just didn't know yet which one was for which model. But actually at the very very end the day, the models still remaining (some had to go to Nightfall, a lolita event organized by Palace of Princes) had the chance to try on their dresses! I'm not a big fan of the new Angelic Pretty collection but I was SUPER excited by the dress I was wearing. Can you guess which one it is? I don't know if it was fashion show organization or Maki and Asuka that picked that outfit for me, but I was really glad someone thought it would somehow fit me. It's not something I would have turned to in the first place, but damn, I really wanted to keep that whole outfit for myself, haha.

By the time we took off our fashion show's outfits it was already like?... Super late? Haha. All Kawaii Ambassadors were starving but we had to get Japan Lolita Association booth ready for the day after. I was really glad to see that Anime Matsuri set up several props for us: beautiful armchairs and a couch in order to have a perfect photoshoot location! Adding two tables, two mannequins and a great background, we were officially ready for the first opening day of Anime Matsuri~

You'll be as sad as I was to learn that those lions weren't for Japan Lolita Association booth :'(

I have to be honest I was actually really sad not to be able to attend Nightfall: so many great people were going there and the event seemed really amazing, so I wish I could have gone so badly. Sit here with me and watch that amazing Nightfall video by Deerstalker Pictures so you can be sad with me because you didn't go (or you can make me jealous while you tell me "But I did go!").

You thought that was the end of the day, didn't you? You thought I would be so tired I would go sleeping after that day or rehearsals? Well, I could have but don't underestimate my capacity of staying up an indecent amount of time when I want to! Nadine, Cadney and I went to meet some friends at our first amazing room parties rallye. I met so many great people and eat so many great pizza that this night is still a bit blur in my mind, haha. No seriously, I think I was so tired that I had problems processing what I actually did during that night (not having any pictures of that night isn't helping). I just remember the taste of delicious ananas-pizza and the kindness of all people in the room, thank you y'all ♡ I went back to my hotel's room a little to late (or a little too early?) but it was totally worth it!

Thank you for reading and see you soon for the Anime Matsuri report, third part~
featuring amazing outfits, more backstages and fashion show!(^▽^)

♡ Anime Matsuri, Day 1 (coming soon...) 


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